TOMASO I was born on April 18, 2000, at the gates of the new millennium; since I can remember, I have always perceived the historical ambiguity of my generation, even when I didn’t have the words or the concepts to articulate my perception. At the age of eight, I wrote my first song; although it was not a masterpiece, it showed my desire to express myself, to get involved, to create something, to give meaning. At thirteen I started playing guitar, and from there on I started writing song after song; with every song I wrote I felt closer to some strange form of truth. And that’s exactly how I feel today, every time I sit down with my guitar to write. For me, music is an expressive and analytical tool. It seems obvious, I know, but it is much more than that. My love for music is not only due to aesthetics or emotion, but it is also intellectual; often the world we are surrounded by, the history from which we feel distant, seem too complex to be understood, and music (and totum art) offer a means of expression that includes analysis in itself. Thanks to the ability to create meaning from nothing, to bring the individual close to the collective, and to make an element of strong emotional involvement central to all of this, music gives us the opportunity to analyze larger and more complex concepts than we do. It makes it possible to understand the incomprehensible, the insurmountable. All this I could feel on my skin, and I must say that the performative element of music is what made everything clearer to my eyes. Today in 2019, I find myself with a project of 10 tracks, including 3 singles. This result makes me proud, of course, but what makes me even happier is all I learned over the years in the studio. The development of technical skills related to production, live performances, and composition has been crucial in my understanding of music as an art and means of creating meaning. Now that my love is mature enough, I’m here to share it; I hope you will give me this opportunity.